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Don’t Be a Data Island

What occupational health providers need to know mabout EHRs
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

These wise words appear in the opening pages of a September 2011 Institute of Medicine report “Incorporating Occupational Information in Electronic Health Records.” The 74-page report, available at, highlights the importance of including occupational data in electronic health records, EHRs, and the feasibility of doing so.

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VISIONS recently caught up with Frank Leone, president and CEO of RYAN Associates, to talk about the 26th Annual National Conference

Q: Twenty-six years – that’s a long time – why is this conference still standing?

I feel that we have stayed focused and built on our experiences from year to year. By focus I mean that we have worked to remain within ourselves, and not get greedy when times are good. We try to remain true to what we do well. For example, each year we debrief our board following the conference. We are always learning what we need to do to be even better.

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Adapting to Workers’ Compensation Reform

What happens when a new state law cuts your reimbursement by one-third? Find out the challenges Illinois occupational health providers are facing after the enactment of a law last year aimed at reforming the state’s workers’ compensation program.

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Introducing Conference Keynote Speaker Emily Friedman

RYAN Associates is thrilled to announce that Emily Friedman, an independent health policy and ethics analyst, will be the keynote speaker at the 26th annual conference in Chicago this October. Ms. Friedman, based in Chicago, is a prolific writer, lecturer, and analyst in health policy and ethics. She has contributed to various publications, including Hospitals & Health Networks and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Spring Quarter 2012 Conference Call

NAOHP Board of Directors Meeting Summary – May 24

The NAOHP board of directors held its quarterly meeting via conference call on May 24. Board Member Trena Williams was unable to attend. Executive Director Frank Leone and Member Services Coordinator Stacey Hart were in attendance.

Opening Comments: Board President Dr. Steven Crawford thanked all of the board members for their participation on the call.

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‘Pragmatic Tips’ the Theme ofThis Year’s National Conference

Looking for some great tips to energize and revitalize your program? Then meet us in beautiful, leafy Chicago this October.

RYAN Associates/NAOHP is offering 226 pragmatic tips at its 26th annual national conference and expo. Spend Oct. 8 –10 with us at the historic Drake Hotel and learn a bevy of new strategies to help you navigate these turbulent times in healthcare.

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