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Care Mapping Q&A

A care map is called a clinical flow process or a patient flow process. It can be used in benchmarking to look at performance flow processes. It’s taking a component of what you’re doing for a patient, outlining who is involved.

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Marketer as a Community Builder, Do-Gooder, and Resource

Marketing expert Dan Dunlop is not a fan of his industry’s conventional tools, i.e., the radio jingle, the television spot, the mail circular. In a general session address at RYAN Associates’ 29th Annual Conference in October, Mr. Dunlop said most of the time in marketing we’re just spewing crap. “It’s narcissistic. It’s all about us,” he said. Worse yet, it doesn’t work.

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Q: We are very busy and have little time to gather and analyze outcome data. What should we do?
A: “We find great value in not having to pull out data as we need it and instead tracking data along the way”

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