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About Us

The Present

After 30+ years, Frank Leone (Founder of NAOHP/Ryan Associates) turned the business over to new owners “Tim & Cindy Ross” in 2016.  Cindy Ross is President and CEO, and Tim Ross is Senior V.P. & Executive Director of the organization. Both Tim & Cindy have a rich background in occupational health, each with over 25 + years of experience (at various levels of the business).  Over the last four years, the NAOHP membership has increased by 48% and still growing.  The annual national NAOHP Conference size has grown 15%-20% each year, making NAOHP/Ryan Associates one of the fastest growing associations in the country. 

We asked members and occupational health professionals across the nation what they are looking for to help them with their occupational health & blended urgent care programs.  We received an overwhelming response from people – AND - We listened!

We changed many things around, and provide our members with the resources, and strategies that really work in the industry.  Our CONTINUED goal is, and will be, to listen and supply the needs within the occupational health industry (operations and business, business development and marketing).

Your business needs to operate like a well-oiled engine.  There are lots of moving parts, and our experienced team can help you put it all together.  We don’t just teach it – we live it.

Progressing with the ongoing changes, NAOHP remains the core development of occupational health operations, which also includes the specialized fields of business development/marketing, wellness, telemedicine, urgent care, population health, employee health, and more.

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It’s simple – at the end of the day, professionals are looking for ideas on how to grow their occupational health business, and stay ahead of their competition. Whether you’re new to this business, or adding occupational health to your menu of services, we will teach you how to market your program, what other services you need to be offering, and provide you and your staff with the necessary tools to develop a successful program!


Here is Where EXPERIENCE Still Counts!

Mission Statement: 
To provide our members with strategic solutions, in helping them build and enhance successful programs to benefit their clients, employees, and business communities.

The Past

Frank Leone (Founder) established Ryan Associates in 1985, as an independent educational and consulting firm devoted to the development of  occupational health programs (named after his son “Ryan”). Five years later, the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP) was developed in 1990, to provide a vehicle for educating, networking, and developing successful occupational health programs. 

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