by: Lawrence Earl, MD
April 22, 2021

NAOHP Board member Mary Alice Ehrlich posed this question to other board members and her area employers recently:

“I’ve had 2 inquiries today of local W. MI employers asking if I can direct them to an employer that has instituted an incentive program, such as a cash bonus payment for proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Please share any information with me, I can certainly keep the employer id. confidential.  I have seen in the media that there have been some incentives but thought they were not too common.”

She received the responses below and remarked:

I thought the info I’ve received re incentives worth sharing.  Please see attached.  Not a scientific survey but just good people sharing info. 

The top ‘employers’ are the NAOHP Board members that sent a response and the numerous West MI folks are area employers, all of these folks are on 1 of the 2 Advisory Boards that our organization has, one for each major market/service area.  Fascinating findings ranging from 0 incentive to substantial items.

Stay well,

Mary Alice

What’s been your experience with employer incentives for vaccinations?

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  1. Patti Surita

    I know of one employer who gave an additional 8 hours of PTO/vacation for taking the vaccine. Others have arranged for the vaccine to be given onsite to make it easier to receive as it is on paid time.

  2. Jannifer Smearsoll

    I am currently working with some employers on this very issue. Since the vaccine is still considered “investigational” I have a concern that employers could open a legal can of worms if it is incentivized or required, especially if there is an adverse outcome. I am curious how other Health systems are managing it. With the companies we have discussed small gifts, “points” of some sort and also nothing at all. In our hospital we offer an “engagement point” which goes toward the employee engagement metric and is part of a year end bonus opportunity. Our hospital also no longer offers any additional PTO for unvaccinated employees who must be off for quarantine. That has made a difference in people’s behavior!

  3. Dennis W Murphy

    Of all of our client / employers, we are aware of only two who have offered incentives: one large meat packing plant is offering a $50 gift card after the second documented vaccination and a community college is offering a Chic-Fil-A gift card to faculty and students after the second documented vaccination.

  4. Jennifer Patten

    National gas/convenient store chain… recently is advertising in PA locations a sign on bonus for new hires that can show proof of COVID vaccination..

    PA healthcare facility “required” all staff to be vaccinated to maintain employment relationship. (not affiliated with our facility)


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