Certifications in Occupational Health

NAOHP Offers 2 Types of Certification

Individual Core Certification
Full Program Certification

Individual Certification


  • This course is for both clinical and business professionals working at all levels of the occupational health industry.
  • The process focuses on the occupational health model for best practices, defines the service lines, identifies staff models for efficient and productivity, identifies the financial management components for the retail business and worker comp billing…….and more

At the conclusion of this Core Certification course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of providing occupational health services to employers
  • Gain insight into the benefits employers see and the criteria they utilize to select external providers
  • Understand the product line and interrelationship of services available for employers
  • Gain insight into the regulatory environment and issues facing employers
  • Understand the service and communication requirements for work injury management
  • Understand the service and communication requirements for physical exams and screening services
  • Understand the service and communication requirements for substance abuse testing
  • Understand the service and communication requirements for prevention services
  • Identify the most likely employer prospects for occupational health services
  • Build a plan to prioritize and target appropriate employer prospects

Over 1,900 individuals across the country have received this Core Certification in Occupational Health

NAOHP Certification Program

Program Certification


  • This is a comprehensive and thorough review of all your policies, procedures, regulations, manuals, and identifies any probable issues
  • Detailed review of all your staffing/structuring/infrastructure
  • Defines your program’s scope of services in being consistent with the Best Practices and Criteria of the occupational health industry
  • Assures that every required standard be a routine practice
  • Assures uniformity among your staff and your clinic(s)
  • Compels your entire staff to work more closely as a team
  • Encourages everyone to re-evaluate their performances in comparison to the established national standards……and more

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More employers are looking at occupational health certification to help assess whether a practice possesses the skills and knowledge they are looking for when choosing an occupational health program.

Display your accomplishment with your Certification seal on all your marketing materials, letterheads/emails, and in your lobby and patient rooms.

Occupational medicine is a medical specialty governed by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine which provides the medical management NAOHP is Identified as the Program Management Best Practice Governing Body