Site Certification Program


Occupational health programs and clinics undergoing site certification are evaluated in comparison to NAOHP standards in six categories: administration and organization; operational framework; staffing resources; clinical services; quality management; and sales and marketing.

The intent of the NAOHP Site Certification Program is to:

  • Provide occupational health programs with strict benchmarks to ensure that their policies and standards are consistent with the best national practices.
  • Identify any deficient areas in which an applicant program might improve in order to meet the highest and most cost-effective standards.
  • Reward applicant programs that measure up to the highest quality standards with tangible recognition.



The Certification Process

Step #1: Applicant program receives standards and requirements for compliance from the NAOHP.
Step #2: Applicant program signs a letter of intent and provides the NAOHP with a retainer payment; an on-site review date is established.
Step #3: Applicant program gathers or prepares necessary documentation demonstrating compliance to standard (e.g., job descriptions, sales plan, quality assurance monitors, etc.). For processes that cannot be documented on paper, the candidate program must be prepared to explain or demonstrate the process during the site certification visit.
Step #4: Applicant program schedules appropriate staff for interviews and a debriefing session with the NAOHP review officer.
Step #5: NAOHP official conducts on-site review process. The specialist completes an on-site review of written documentation and oral validation of processes, policies, and procedures. The surveyor identifies compliant/non-compliant areas in accordance with NAOHP standards.
Step #6: The NAOHP compliance official determines eligibility based on weighted scores:

Compliant: Three-year certification (90-100% compliant)
Provisionally compliant: One-year certification (70-90% compliant)
Non-compliant: (less than 60% compliant)

Compliance scores are calculated as follows:
Program administration 20 points
Clinical Servcies 15 points
Product Line Offerings 20 points
Staffing 15 points
Quality Assurance 15 points
Sales and Marketing 15 points
Total Possible Points 100
Step #7: On-site debriefing to discuss level of compliance to standard, requirements to achieve full compliance, and certification status.
Step #8: Provisional or three-year certification to standard provided to applicant program as appropriate.
Step #9: Certification follow-up: The NAOHP provides the quality-certified program with:

  • A written report designating compliance/non-compliance in each standard area.
  • Certification documents
  • Press releases sent to designated media outlets.
  • Permanent inclusion on the NAOHP website
For additional information, contact Roy K. Gerber, Director of Consulting: 800-666-7926, ext. 16