PPI: Performance and Profitability Improvement


  • In terms of both program operations and bottom line financial performance, few occupational health programs are close to reaching their full potential. RYAN Associates’ three senior consultants have put together a package intended to “cut to the chase” and guide your program in the right direction.
  • Our review includes dozens of operational, infrastructure product line development and integration, staffing, financial, and sales/marketing recommendations. Our consulting staff specializes in product line integration including urgent care, onsite programs, wellness, telemedicine, population health, and other service lines.


Five steps to enhanced performance and increased profitability

  • Step 1 a conference call involving your team and RYAN Associates’ lead consultant(s).
  • Step 2 – completion of a comprehensive audit book and anonymous questionnaires by program staff.
  • Step 3 – submission of a detailed report outlining dozens of recommendations to more effectively conceptualize, operate and market your program.
  • Step 4 – submission of a detailed three year revenue projection with numerous recommendations for more effectively managing revenue and reducing expenses.
  • Step 5 – A conference call debriefing between our consultant(s) and your program staff to address the details and subsequent implementation of all recommendations.


How much will it cost?

$3,950 ($4,450 for non-NAOHP members). Nothing more: no travel expenses, no hidden costs!

How much of your time will be required?

Very little! A one hour conference call at the outset, a few hours to complete the program audit instrument, and an hour debriefing call on the back end. Perhaps a total of five hours.

Why RYAN Associates?

  • We have analyzed more programs than anyone, having completed 800+ consulting engagements in 49 states since 1985. Experience counts!
  • Our methodology allows us to benchmark your program with other programs. Your program need not operate in a vacuum.

What is the next step?

Roy Gerber, our national director of consulting, can walk you through the process, answer your questions, discuss deliverables, and set up a timetable if and when you are ready to proceed.

Call Roy at 800-666-7926, x16 (email: rgerber@naohp.com).