Scope of Services

  • Product Line Integration– A core consulting competency, our consultanting staff specializes in product integration including urgent care, onsite programs, wellness and other service lines.
  • Financial Analysis – RYAN Associates has considerable experience in working with clients to enhance the financial management of their program. Financial analysis services include coding and accounts receivable review, comprehensive revenue and expense analyses, and the development of compensation packages.
  • Infrastructure Design/Refinement – Operational efficiency and its related return on investment should be central to the focus of every occupational health program. RYAN Associates’ senior staff specializes in designing a “soup to nuts” operational infrastructure, including review and enhancement of existing infrastructures.
  • Sales and Marketing – RYAN Associates has provided occupational health sales training programs since 1988 and has published leading texts and periodicals on the topic. Accordingly, our consulting service includes sales and marketing support, including on-site training and the development and execution of sales/marketing plans.
  • Customer Service – RYAN Associates provides on-site customer service training for program staff and the review and/or development of customer service plans and evaluation processes.
  • Market Research– RYAN Associates recognizes that every market is unique and that program design and outreach strategy should be based on market-specific intelligence.

    Accordingly, we place considerable emphasis on our market research capability:

    • Our national staff of survey interviewers has completed thousands of telephone surveys since 1985.
    • Our senior staff has facilitated more than 400 focus groups since 1985, largely with employer representatives.
  • Market Research Staff – RYAN Associates maintains a staff of dedicated survey interviewers whose activities are focused on occupational health and related market research. Clients can be certain that an interviewer who understands the survey research instrument, as well as the nuances of health care terminology, will conduct every interview.
  • Reliance on Primary Data – RYAN Associates’ market research methodology produces primary data obtained directly from prospective and current occupational health consumers (i.e., employers) within the client’s service area. We have found that reliance on secondary or purchased data frequently leads to strategic decisions that may be based on misleading information.