Individual Certification Retake

Which of the following does D.O.T. regulations specify as criteria for determining appropriate testing?(Required)
Numerous employers are encountering rising costs across various aspects of healthcare.(Required)
Which of the following practices is not recommended when creating an employer database?(Required)
Documenting downstream occupational health revenue and referrals is important to:(Required)
The Gatekeeper Role in an occupational health setting is best described as:(Required)
Expense budgets can be formulated based on:(Required)
When was the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed?(Required)
What factor is considered the most crucial in the coordination of specialist referrals?(Required)
Semi-variable salary expense is a function of visit volume.(Required)
Which model of occupational health program includes employee health concerns regarding personal health issues?(Required)
Choose one approach that mixed-use urgent care/occupational medicine clinics can employ to bridge the gap between different patient populations, reimbursement systems, and reporting mechanisms, thereby enhancing operational efficiencies.(Required)
Expense management is crucial because a reduction in expenses commonly results in a proportional increase in profitability.(Required)
Which of the following are considered the core components of a treatment plan for provider documentation?(Required)
H.I.P.A.A. regulations cover physical exam reports sent to employers for pre-placement/post-offer physicals.(Required)
Which of the following industries are partially exempt from O.S.H.A.'s recordkeeping rules for routine injuries?(Required)
The current log that is used to record O.S.H.A. recordable injuries is called:(Required)
When developing documentation standards, you need to consider:(Required)
Which of the following components should be excluded from an incentive compensation package for occupational medicine physicians?(Required)
Electronic injury tracking and case management activities should best be:(Required)
One common misconception about occupational health software is that it will:(Required)
Efforts to establish electronic connectivity among providers, employers, and payers have encountered obstacles primarily due to:(Required)
In the realm of clinical management, which scenario provides the most accurate description of standardization?(Required)
As per D.O.T. guidelines, how many simulated urine specimen collections must the specimen collector conduct upon completing the training process?(Required)
An initial letter of introduction to a prospect should include all of the following except:(Required)
When establishing productivity standards, it is crucial to identify non-patient tasks.(Required)
Massage therapy is a first aid measure under federal O.S.H.A. regulations:(Required)
Who is impacted by H.I.P.A.A.?(Required)
Patient instruction and understanding of the treatment plan should be documented.(Required)
The data-driven nature of occupational health practice promotes occupational medicine practitioners to be pioneers in the adoption of information management technology.(Required)
D.O.T. permits designation of supervisors at a company to collect urine specimens.(Required)
The staffing model that is generally the most cost-effective for a typical occupational medicine program is likely to be:(Required)
Which of the following is a recurring characteristic or feature of product line management?(Required)
Supplying a company with a safety program is expected to reduce the occurrence of work-related injuries.(Required)
According to national data, the average occupational health program tends to have a higher patient volume for medical surveillance exams compared to initial injuries.(Required)
Which of the following steps is necessary for the successful establishment of productivity indicators?(Required)
Reducing the number of contractual arrangements is an effective approach to enhancing clinic net revenue.(Required)
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (H.I.P.A.A.) uses the acronym P.H.I. as an abbreviation for Public Health Information.(Required)
The following would be considered “PHI” under H.I.P.A.A. regulations:(Required)
The health outcome data collected on your organization's workforce should be utilized for marketing purposes when targeting employers.(Required)
The responsibility for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) lies with the occupational health software vendor, rather than the clinic or program.(Required)
An example of a variable expense for an occupational medicine clinic is:(Required)
Before providing drug-testing services to a company, it is advisable to inquire whether the employer has an up-to-date drug and alcohol testing policy in place.(Required)
Which statement best defines benchmarking?(Required)
The Total Health Management model is best described as management of:(Required)
Who is commonly recognized as the “father of occupational medicine?”(Required)
Which regulatory activity in 1983 significantly fueled the emergence of the "provider-based" occupational health movement?(Required)
Which of the following is not considered one of the components of the "Occupational Health Triad"?(Required)
The DYAD Management system is the best model for the Medical Director and the program director.(Required)
The significant changes in communication methods within occupational health over the past decade can be primarily attributed to:(Required)
For an occupational medicine clinic an example of an indirect expense is:(Required)
Rapid or instant urine analysis is allowed under Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) guidelines.(Required)
Written fee schedules should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis to incorporate any new charges, fee adjustments, and comparisons to prevailing charges within the service area.(Required)
For an occupational medicine clinic an example of a fixed expense is:(Required)
Which of the following attributes is least likely to be found in successful occupational health programs of the future?(Required)
The success of developing a safety program for employers is unlikely without the support of which of the following?(Required)
Which of the following responsibilities is not typically attributed to a Program Director?(Required)
The accurate collection and storage of patient demographic data during registration form the basis for efficient claims reporting and billing processes.(Required)
Which of the following factors is typically regarded as the most significant element in effective clinical management?(Required)
Productivity compliance to standard should be at which of the following percentages?(Required)
When estimating the working population of an occupational health program's service area, it is recommended to include the entire primary service area.(Required)
A discharge note should include a summary of the injury, causality, management and work status of the patient.(Required)
For the following reasons, H.I.P.A.A. allows the disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) to workers' compensation insurers, state administrators, employers, and other individuals or entities involved in the workers' compensation system without requiring the injured worker's authorization:(Required)
Which individuals or parties should be involved in product line management, in most situations?(Required)
In hospital-based programs, the stance of the management information systems (MIS) department usually plays a significant role in determining the level of ease or difficulty involved in implementing specialized occupational health software.(Required)
Which of the following is not needed to establish job descriptions?(Required)
Which of the following is the most likely factor to generate consistent sales when developing services for employers within an occupational health program?(Required)
The relationship between incentive compensation and performance is generally acknowledged to be:(Required)
An important component of Employee Health Management is:(Required)
Which of the following components are encompassed within an Integrated Health System?(Required)
Which of the following components is typically excluded from a hearing conservation program?(Required)
Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the service mix across the market is crucial when formulating a staffing plan(Required)
The reimbursement for workers' compensation treatment is determined by the specific provisions outlined in the State Workers' Compensation Law.(Required)
Maintaining profitability becomes challenging when clinic salary expense as a percentage of net or collected revenue exceeds:(Required)
The O.S.H.A. recording criteria encompasses all of the following situations except:(Required)
To ensure that every potential user of its services is aware of their presence, a program should make a diligent effort in establishing a comprehensive "prospect universe."(Required)
At what intervals does the D.O.T. require random testing to be conducted throughout a calendar year?(Required)
When projecting revenue for a pro forma budget using a state workers' compensation fee schedule, it is recommended to calculate a weighted fee per encounter based on the clinic’s historic acuity level mix.(Required)
What are the typical responsibilities of program directors/managers?(Required)
Which of the following is not a recommended listening skill?(Required)
How would the current stance of the federal government regarding ergonomics be best described:(Required)
D.O.T. regulations identify which of the following for appropriate testing:(Required)
Which of the following national trend(s) affects information management and communication practices in an occupational health setting:(Required)
Who should have the ultimate responsibility for overseeing clinical activities?(Required)
When evaluating the effectiveness of occupational health interventions, employers generally prioritize which aspect the most?(Required)
What factors should a provider take into account when determining the appropriate pricing for policy development services offered to an employer?(Required)