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How to Assure Leadership Competency

Leadership competencies are skills and behaviors that contribute to superior performance. Using a competency-based approach to leadership, organizations can better identify and develop their next generation of leaders.


1. Define Leadership Competencies
2. Discuss the individual competency component
3. Develop and share the skills and knowledge to maintain leadership competencies.

Some questions we cover after the presentation:

  • Leading by serving
  • Global open mindedness and cultural sensitivity
  • Resilience
  • Vision and strategy
  • Creating consensus
  • what is the system doing, dept as part of overall system
  • Partners, how do we work together?   -ex: after hours triage
  • Demonstrate value – metrics
  • Don’t bring problems, bring solutions. -Solution should align with organizational goals
  • Customer needs – internal colleagues or external clients
  • Hold organization accountable for standards in work and personal standards
  • Who’s a Rhode Island State women’s archery champion!

How to assure competency.pptx – DOWNLOAD

How to assure competency.pptx – Dropbox DOWNLOAD

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