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Leadership Role Development

When given the responsibility of developing employees, naturally our thoughts turn to training operational tasks that coincide with management. In an effort to develop employees and not just train them to do a task, leaders must turn to leadership development skills.


  1. Define leadership development versus operational training
  2. Develop leadership skills that align with your company’s mission
  3. Identify tools that assist in leadership development from the onboarding step

Your Instructor:

Julie Parkhill, MHA, LAT, CEIS
Senior Director of Operations
ATI Worksite Solutions


As a Sr. Operations Director for ATI Worksite Solutions, I am involved in program development and oversight providing onsite injury prevention and occupational medicine services for various organizations throughout the country that focus on employee health and safety. I have over 20 years of experience in program management, patient/employee care and education, case management, utilization reviews, injury prevention, and wellness programs.

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