Mastering Valid Spirometry Testing: Ensuring Reliable Pulmonary Fitness Evaluations

In the Acute Care Environment

Elevate Your Spirometry Testing Practices with a Focus on Validity and Quality Assurance

Welcome to the “Normal Spirometry” course – your essential guide to ensuring valid spirometry test results in the occupational health setting. This comprehensive session addresses the critical issue of accurately labeling spirometry tests as “normal” by emphasizing the factors influencing validity, equipment standards, calibration protocols, technician training, and error detection, contributing to accurate pulmonary fitness evaluations in occupational spirometry testing. By participating in this course, urgent care providers can gain valuable insights and strategies to elevate the quality assurance and reliability of spirometry testing within their practice, ensuring adherence to industry standards and the delivery of accurate pulmonary function evaluations.

Unique Features You'll Love

Validity and Quality Assurance:

Gain access to comprehensive insights on ensuring valid spirometry test results and implementing quality assurance measures, emphasizing the significance of adherence to standards and quality criteria for reliable pulmonary fitness evaluations within your urgent care practice.

Industry Standard Adherence:

Receive specialized training on ensuring that spirometry equipment used in occupational testing meets or exceeds ATS/ERS and ISO standards, emphasizing calibration, validation, and proper functioning, positioning yourself as a champion for compliance and reliability in spirometry testing.

Benefits for Urgent Care Providers

Reliable Test Results:

Implement the knowledge gained to lead a higher standard of quality assurance in spirometry testing, ensuring reliable and valid results that contribute to accurate pulmonary function evaluations and effective clinical decision-making within your urgent care practice.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

Ensure spirometry equipment meets or exceeds industry standards, promoting compliance with ATS/ERS and ISO guidelines, fostering trust and confidence among your healthcare personnel and employer clients.

Error Identification and Resolution:

Acquire skills to identify and address potential errors in spirometry testing, reducing the likelihood of inaccurate results and misinterpretation, positioning yourself as a proactive leader in ensuring the reliability and validity of spirometry testing within your occupational medicine practice.


Addressing Your Pain Points

Enhancing Reliability:

Address the specific pain points related to maintaining compliance with industry standards and ensuring validity in spirometry testing, offering practical insights and proactive strategies to elevate the quality assurance and reliability of pulmonary fitness evaluations within your urgent care practice.

Confidence in Compliance

Navigate through OSHA, NIOSH, ADA, EEOC, and other regulations with ease, ensuring your practice is always in alignment with the latest standards.

Enhanced Patient Care

Equip yourself with the expertise and equipment needed to perform complex exams, from hazmat/hazwoper to police and fire, heavy metal, and pesticide exposures.

Testimonials from Our Participants

Enroll in "Normal Spirometry" today and unlock the expertise you need to take your practice to new heights!

Who Is This Program For?

  • Front-line providers in urgent care and occmed clinics
  • MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, and DCs caring for injured workers and performing occupational medicine exams
  • New providers – Perfect for onboarding into your existing practice
  • “Old-Timers” – Even seasoned occmed docs rave about stuff they’ve forgotten or confirmed existing practices
  • This is practical training for providers to learn the mindset, regulatory and compliance issues, and patient management techniques for successful occmed practice

Medical Directors

  • Guide your staff and delight your clients
  • Not Yet Providing Occmed Services
  • Training specific to starting occmed services in your center

Who Is This Program Not For?

  • Anyone who thinks you can easily pull in new employer clients without “doing it right”
  • Academics who want a lot of biostatistics & epidemiology – Get that in a university MPH type course

Now Let’s Discuss What’s So Unique About Occupational Medicine for Urgent Care.

So far, since you’ve made it this far, we know you are “qualified” to learn more…

How can this program help you?

If you had to go out and find all the information presented in these lessons, it would take months, and then you’d have to sort through to get just what is relevant to front line urgent care and occmed practice.

I know because medical directors of large programs have told me they’ve already spent months tracking down some of this stuff only to find it so well presented in a half-hour lesson!

Most of the research you’d have to do would be full of too much information. I’ve already cut through all that and succinctly present everything you need to know for all your occmed exams and worker’s compensation injury care.


How Do You Know For Sure

This is Truly the Best Occmed Course For You to Enroll In?

You’ll be in good company. I’ve taught similar material (although it has improved and evolved over the years) for providers in organizations like:

YES This Course is Fully Accredited!

Upon completion of this course, you can claim 5 CE credits through the accreditation company Your CE Source.

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Lawrence Earl

Dr. Larry Earl (MD)

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