Individual Membership

Benefits Include:

    • Discounts to NAOHP/RYAN Associates’ National Conference, Regional Seminars, Occupational Health Sales & Marketing Training, Individual and Program Certifications, Consulting Services, Webinars, Resource Guides, and other educational programs.


    • Discounts on all NAOHP and RYAN Associates publications.


    • Restricted access to the weekly Town Hall Meetings, which cover a broad range including occupational health, urgent care, wellness, telemedicine, population health, and travel medicine.


    • Access to the Association’s publication VISIONS. This in-depth quarterly publication covers a wide-range of topics relating to medical, legal, sales/marketing, wellness, urgent care, certifications, telemedicine, population health, travel medicine, and other related issues confronting occupational health professionals.


    • Voting Privilege: Cast your vote for NAOHP Board Members.


    • Network and Connect with Colleagues: Having “password protected” access to NAOHP Membership Directory allows you to connect with others in occupational health and other related fields. NAOHP serves members by providing a forum for the exchange of new ideas, bringing together members to share their experiences, expertise and build relationships.


    • Access to the National Survey  Results (which include “benchmarking” data).


    • NAOHP promotes excellence in continuing education through its annual National Conference.


    • Discounts on NAOHP and RYAN Associates products, books, and journals.


  • NAOHP partners with other agencies and organizations whose purpose and mission align with our Association for the benefit of our members.