Employee Health Management Manual






Occupational Health Service is not “just another” product line. Occupational Health provides a true prototype of the nation’s evolving health care product: a total management, outcomes-based paradigm.

The fundamental requirements of a state-of-the art program include a quality management information system, well-appointed and appropriately trained personnel, a competitively superior delivery system, and a progressive marketing effort.

The Opportunity 3 Introduction 5
Evaluation and Monitoring the Program 8
Policies, Procedures and Record Keeping 12
Workers’ Compensation Policies 16
Injury Management 24
The Americans with Disabilities Act 31
Pre-Employment Physical Examinations 35
Accident Reporting Policies 39
How to Investigate an Accident 48
Return to Work Policy 50
Temporary Light Duty Assignments 54
Hazard Surveillance Survey 60
Dealing with Occupational Injuries 62
Wellness 78