Loss Management Manual






Injury/Loss Management Service Line Model

The Loss Management Service is a proactive approach to injury prevention. Since safety is an essential component of this service line, client companies receive assistance with safety program development and implementation. Supervisor training for accident reporting and investigation is provided to clients on site. The development of functional job descriptions and the establishment of temporary work assignments are also components of this service line. Client companies send all injuries to specific OHS facilities for injury care. Standards are developed to ensure injury management is standardized to provide emergency care, follow-up referrals and company feedback for all injured worker medical data.

Injury/Loss Management Service Line Model 3 Contracts 3
Service Delivery 4
Data Management 4
Customer Service 4
Referrals 5
Care Management 5
Consulting 5
Loss Management Program Checklist for Program Components 6
Safety Program 6
Injury Management 6
Data Necessary for Analysis of Current Program 6
Implementation and Evaluation Procedures for the Loss Management Program 7
Physician Occupational Health Network Criteria 9
Facility Walkthrough for Health and Safety Hazards 10
General 10 Hazard Communication Program 10
General Housekeeping 11
Safety and Health Hazards 12
Emergency Preparedness 14
Conclusions 14
Loss Management Contract 15
Case Management 15
Early Return to Work 15
Policy Development 15
Work Products 16
Responsibilities of Company 16
Terms 16
Compensation 16
Changes 16