Staffing Configurations Manual






Programs are struggling to comply with administrative edicts to decrease costs by decreasing staff. The ability to justify staff requirements has been challenging. The NAOHP has developed standards and productivity indicators that provide the structure for projecting staffing requirements. The process uses projected volumes for services and calculates the number of full time equivalent (FTE) positions needed to provide the service, as well as the number of staff needed for fixed program coverage.
The development of productivity indicators should be instituted for all staff by procedure and service. The methodology typically includes a time study of all activities relative to a specific staff person doing a specific procedure. Individual staff members who provide the same procedure/service can be grouped together. Time allocations are self-recorded or collected through observation over a period of time, usually no less than two weeks, after which an average time allocation is determined. Individual clinics can then use their average time allocation and compare their productivity to the national benchmarks. These indicators are used to determine staffing needs and staff productivity.