Best Practice for Injury Management (Medical and Operational) Q&A

 Dr. David Tanner

  • Who is responsible for identifying what is the best practice for injury management? Medical director with reference from the ACOEM, AAOHN, and NAOHPO 
  • How do we set up the standards? Clinical guidelines are the foundation for the development of program standards 
  • How do we monitor compliance with the best practices? Monitor and evaluate documentation, feedback from employers, and patient outcomes 
  • What do we do when providers do not follow best practices? Use scorecards to identify those providers who need to meet with the medical director to identify expectations, standards, and the process for patient care. 
  • How can we monitor all our providers and NP/PAs, they see hundreds of patients. Use quality monitors for evaluation of compliance with standards. 

What role does the computer software play in best practices? It evaluates and reports on return to work outcomes, loss of work days, compliance with program standards for a number of visits, and referrals for specialists.

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