DOT Compliance Toolkit for Occupational Health Professionals

Your Essential Toolkit for Navigating DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations

Simplify compliance and safeguard your occupational health program with resources exclusively for NAOHP members.

Gain a competitive edge with our members-only DOT Compliance Toolkit. This powerful resource gives you access to exclusive checklists, templates, and expert insights designed specifically for occupational health professionals within the NAOHP community.

A DOT compliant drug testing program fosters trust – trust in your organization’s commitment to safety, and trust in the integrity of your occupational health protocols.


DOT Drug Testing Compliance Toolkit

Emphasizing Safety

DOT compliance isn't just about following rules; it's about ensuring a safe workplace for everyone. A robust drug testing program protects employees, the public, and your organization's reputation.

Highlighting Proactivity

DOT compliance shouldn't be an afterthought. Proactive adherence through meticulous procedures safeguards against costly fines, legal challenges, and potential harm.

Focusing on Responsibility

Upholding DOT compliance is a fundamental responsibility of occupational health professionals. Diligent adherence to regulations demonstrates our commitment to workplace safety and ethical practices.

Emphasizing the Long-Term

"Investing in DOT compliance today ensures a smoother path tomorrow. Consistent adherence to regulations builds a strong foundation for your occupational health program, minimizing disruptions and potential liabilities."

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Here's what you'll get with DOT Compliance Toolkit

Section 1: Key Toolkit Components

  • Summarized DOT Regulations Guide

  • Compliance Checklists & Templates

  • Training Resources & Webinars

  • Best Practices & FAQs

  • NAOHP Support & Expertise

Section 2: Featured Checklists & Forms

  • DOT Restroom Compliance Checklist

  • Chain of Custody Template

  • Pre-Employment Testing Workflow

  • Post-Accident Response Form

  • Sample Supervisor Observation Form

Why Your DOT Compliance Toolkit Matters

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance and its consequences

  • Saves time with clear processes & templates

  • Gives confidence in your program’s defensibility

  • Ongoing support from NAOHP and member network

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DOT Compliance Toolkit for Occupational Health Professionals​

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