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Learn the insider tactics and strategies to confidently close deals and build a thriving occupational medicine program.
Occupational health is a lucrative and in-demand field, but many community marketers lack the specific strategies needed to close deals and drive growth. The Occmed Sales Booster course provides a comprehensive solution with in-depth training on:

Identifying and targeting the right employers

Developing high-impact sales presentations

Building strong relationships with key decision-makers

Overcoming objections and closing deals confidently

Optimizing clinic operations for OccMed success

Who Should Take This Course

Sales Representatives

Build your client base and earn more commissions.

Clinic Managers

Attract more employers and optimize revenue growth.

Occupational Health Professionals

Expand your expertise and enhance your value to your organization.

Here’s What We See in Practices Without a Defined Sales Plan When Trying to Gain More Employer Clients:

Lack of Differentiation:

  • Problem: Many OccMed providers offer similar services, making it difficult to stand out from the competition.
  • Pain Point: Employers struggle to see the unique value proposition of a specific clinic, ultimately basing decisions on price alone.

Limited Understanding of Employer Needs:

  • Problem: Sales reps and clinic managers may not fully grasp the specific challenges and priorities of employers in their area.
  • Pain Point:This leads to generic sales pitches that fail to address the real concerns and pain points of potential clients.

Ineffective Communication

  • Problem:Communication with employers may be inconsistent, slow, or focused on clinical details rather than business outcomes.
  • Pain Point: Employers feel frustrated, their needs aren't fully met, and they may perceive the OccMed practice as unresponsive.

Difficulty Building Relationships

  • Problem:Establishing trust and rapport with key decision-makers at businesses takes time and effort.
  • Pain Point:Sales cycles lengthen, and potential clients may choose providers with whom they have existing relationships.

Inconsistent Marketing Efforts:

  • Problem:Many OccMed practices lack a structured marketing plan or rely solely on outdated tactics.
  • Pain Point: Inconsistent outreach and messaging dilute the practice's visibility and fail to generate a steady stream of leads.

Poor Internal Processes:

  • Problem:Operational inefficiencies, such as long wait times or delays in reporting, can negatively impact the employer's experience.
  • Pain Point:Employers become dissatisfied, leading to lost business and damage to the practice's reputation.

Here's How the Occmed Sales Booster Course Directly Addresses These Problems and Pain Points:

Problem 1: Lack of Differentiation

Solution: The course teaches you how to conduct a thorough competitive analysis and develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that highlights your practice's strengths and how you solve specific employer needs.

Problem 2: Limited Understanding of Employer Needs

Solution: The course provides in-depth modules on various industries, the typical pain points employers face in managing workers' compensation, and the key factors they consider when choosing an OccMed provider.

Problem 3: Ineffective Communication

Solution: The course includes a dedicated section on communication strategies that emphasize responsiveness, clarity, and translating clinical outcomes into business benefits, fostering greater employer satisfaction.

Problem 4: Difficulty Building Relationships

Solution: The course offers techniques for identifying key decision-makers, developing rapport, and nurturing long-term relationships—crucial for securing ongoing business.

Problem 5: Inconsistent Marketing Efforts

Solution: The course provides a comprehensive 52-week marketing plan, along with specific tactics relevant to occupational medicine, ensuring a consistent and targeted approach to lead generation.

Problem 6: Poor Internal Processes

Solution: While the primary focus is on sales, the course emphasizes the importance of operational efficiency through sections on communication, streamlined processes, and proactive problem-solving to enhance the overall employer experience.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Building Your Employer Prospect List

  • Identify high-potential industries for OccMed services in your area.
  • Research local businesses and decision-makers.
  • Create a targeted and prioritized prospect list.

Chapter 2: Sales Staff and Clinic Manager Training

  • Master the essential components of occupational medicine services.
  • Understand employer needs and pain points.
  • Develop persuasive sales messaging and value propositions.
  • Role-play and practice common sales scenarios.

Chapter 3: Communication with Employers – Culture & Attitude

  • Adopt a service-oriented mindset for optimal employer satisfaction.
  • Learn effective communication strategies for all stages of the sales process.
  • Proactively address employer concerns and minimize time loss.

Chapter 4: Provider After-Hours Calls

  • Implement a system for providers to directly contact decision-makers.
  • Develop compelling scripts for provider outreach.
  • Schedule follow-up calls and clinic tours.

Chapter 5: The Clinic Tour

  • Design a choreographed tour showcasing your facility's strengths.
  • Train staff members on their roles in the tour process.
  • Highlight features and benefits that resonate with employers.

Chapter 6: Closing the Sale

  • Master negotiation tactics specific to OccMed deals.
  • Overcome common objections and secure commitments.
  • Develop a seamless onboarding process for new clients.

Bonus Content

  • Front Desk CDL Checks Plan: Identify and engage commercial drivers for DOT physicals.
  • Immigration Physicals: Expand your practice by becoming a certified USCIS Civil Surgeon.

Two doctors

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive into detailed lessons addressing every aspect of OccMed sales.

Actionable Insights

Gain practical, step-by-step guidance for every phase of the sales process.

Expert Instruction

Learn from seasoned professionals with real-world experience in occupational medicine.

Sales Templates and Resources

Access downloadable tools to streamline your outreach and closing efforts.

Proven Strategies

Implement strategies built on the foundation of NAOHP's established practices.

Downloadable Materials

Employer Prospect List Template

Sales Staff/Clinic Manager Training Guides

Sales Introduction Script

Sales & Marketing Tactics for Industry Groups

Competitive Advantages & SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Understanding Employer Issues in Workers' Compensation Guide

Effective Employer Communication Templates

Monthly Audit Forms

52-Week Active Sales & Marketing Plan

Provider After-Hours Call Script

Clinic Tour Script

Sample Authorization of Services Form

Employer Account Setup Form

And more!


Consequences of Not Taking This Course

Missed Opportunities

Continue to lose deals to competitors with stronger OccMed sales skills.

Lack of Growth

Stagnate revenue generation in your clinic or program.

Inefficient Sales Efforts

Continue to lose deals to competitors with stronger OccMed sales skills.

Where You'll Be Once You Finish

Confident Sales Professional

Approach potential clients with authority and expertise.

Skilled Negotiator

Master the art of closing OccMed deals.

Strategic Clinic Manager

Develop and implement effective growth plans for your program.

What Members Are Saying…

NAOHP is the best source for this type of training because of our unmatched expertise and focus on occupational health. As the leading professional organization dedicated to this field, NAOHP possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges and best practices within occupational medicine. 

Our training programs are developed by industry experts, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge.

NAOHP’s commitment to setting industry standards guarantees that our training aligns with the highest levels of professionalism and quality, giving you the confidence you need to excel in your OccMed sales and management roles.

Enroll in the Occmed Sales Booster Course Today and Start Transforming Your Career and Your Clinic's Success!

Pricing & FAQ

Pricing & FAQ

  • What if I want to learn more about Occmed sales & marketing?

    Perfect!  After this session, you will be offered an incredible discount on our Sales Booster program - you'll get a taste of that here in "Effective Communication"

  • Who is this course designed for?

    This session is a must-have for everyone involved in the occmed practice - front desk, managers, sales & marketing folks, and clinical docs, NPs, PAs, OHNs, nurses, techs, MAs.

  • What is the format of the sessions (live webinars, pre-recorded videos, etc.)

    The session is about 1/2 h video with Dr. Earl, plus several supporting documents

  • How long does the course on effective communication with occupational medicine clients typically last?

    The session is about 1/2 h video with Dr. Earl

Lawrence Earl

Dr. Larry Earl (MD)

I’m Dr. Larry Earl (MD) and I’ve owned and operated multi-site, multi-state Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine centers for over 30 years.

As president & CEO of NAOHP, I support our members in pursuit of excellence in their employer-directed services and continue consulting and training for clients ranging from independent medical practices to billion-dollar healthcare organizations.

We asked members and occupational health professionals across the nation what they are looking for to help them with their occupational health & blended urgent care programs. We received an overwhelming response from people – AND – We listened.

We changed many things around, and provide our members with the resources, and strategies that really work in the industry. Our CONTINUED goal is, and will be, to listen and supply the needs within the occupational health industry (operations and business, business development, and marketing).

Your business needs to operate like a well-oiled engine. There are lots of moving parts, and our experienced team can help you put it all together. We don’t just teach it – we live it.

Progressing with the ongoing changes, NAOHP remains the core development of occupational health operations, which also includes the specialized fields of business development/marketing, wellness, telemedicine, urgent care, population health, employee health, and more.

It’s simple – at the end of the day, professionals are looking for ideas on how to grow their occupational health business, and stay ahead of their competition. Whether you’re new to this business or adding occupational health to your menu of services, we will teach you how to market your program, what other services you need to be offering, and provide you and your staff with the necessary tools to develop a successful program!


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