Membership Testimonials

“The NAOHP/Ryan membership and all its benefits is simply the BEST resource for those in the business of Work Health. Our field is constantly morphing and NAOHP/Ryan Associates stays on top of this challenge and continues to help position us for success!”

Robert Carlson

Director, Occupational Medicine

“NAOHP/Ryan Associates provides the best value for your membership dollars. Their weekly Town Hall meetings alone are gold and give timely, up-to-date information in this challenging field of occupational medicine. If you have a question or need something their customer service is TOP NOTCH. We all have thin budgets and, for our occupational health dollars, we always allocate funds for this fantastic association. Delighted to be a member!” 
Melissa Neofes Mischak

MPIA, Client Relations Director

“NAOHP has been a wonderful resource to my Occupational Health Department. They have helped me immensely with development of programs to include: OT/PT offsite, flu clinics, consent forms, testing form examples, and records management within EMR and HIPAA Compliance. I now have a resource network to ask questions and share my learning experiences. The list goes on and on. I know my department has grown because of everything I have learned from NAHOP. The Town Hall Meetings have been so beneficial for me to forward to management and provider staff to help them understand more about what Occupational Health Departments really do, and how beneficial they are to our medical facility. It has surely made my job easier to help businesses in the community because NAOHP helps guide me to say yes, I can vs no, I can’t.”
Melody Jacobs

Manager, Osceola Medical Center

“Being a member of the NAOHP has been an invaluable part of the success of our company . The opportunity to network and share best practices with industry peers and vendors allows us to not only grow professionally, but to stay on the cutting edge with our business.” 
Leonard Bevill

President and CEO

“We value our partnership with NAOHP in a number of different ways – including their informative weekly Town Hall sessions, their willingness to research any question that we throw at them, their comprehensive educational programs, and their new Occ Health market analytic tools!”
Robin Johnson

MS, Executive Director

“IPCS and myself have only been members of the NAOHP for two years. But in that short time, I have been very impressed with the management and members of the NAOHP. The organization is very professional, entrepreneurial, open to new ideas and dedicated toward the delivery of state of the art medical treatment for their clients.”
Thomas B. Gilliam

Ph.D., President/Founderld

“NAOHP has been a vital link for information and networking with our peers in Occupational Medicine. It’s important to keep current and to know what others are doing in our field.”
Stuart A. Sandler

D.O., Medical Director Occupational and Employee Health

“NAOHP is an extremely valuable resource to my clinic team to stay connected with others in the business and operations of Occupational Health Services. NAOHP Town Hall webinars are a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn from a variety of successful clinic leaders. It would be difficult if not impossible to find this resource elsewhere.”
Workplace Health

Augusta and Waterville, Maine

“We may be a small rural community hospital/clinic but our Occupational Health Department services a wide range of areas because of what we can do now – because of what we have learned from NAOHP!”

“I have found tremendous benefit to being associated with NAOHP and Ryan Associates. My connection with this organization goes back to the 1990s when I was first put in charge of developing a hospital based Occupational Health Department to serve the area employers. As a Certified Occupational Health Nurse most of my career up to this point was working directly in industry. The approach this organization takes to not only best serve the employer customer, but assist in the strategic goal setting and planning for the health care provider has been such a great benefit to me and my health care provider clients. The ongoing continuing education, networking and outreach that is provided by NAOHP makes this the best value and return on investment for any provider in the Occupational Health space.”
Shanna Dunbar BSN RN COHN-S

President, Workplace Health Inc.

“I feel my participation as a member has led to a strong platform of best practices for operations that has been a basis for the growth of our systems occupational medicine and its success. The NAOHP Insights have been extremely helpful as well as the conferences, Marketing education and now weekly Webinars.”
Marilyn A Bishop MD MPH

Medical Director

“The weekly Town Hall meetings are conveniently available by phone and the discussion is up to date on the most needed information for business growth and boots on the ground processes.”
Sharon McRae

Manager, Occupational Health Clinic and Urgent Care

“I do have to say for the last few years that I have been listening to the Town Halls for NAOHP, and the overall membership benefits since the new ownership, everything has improved 150% in the occupational health education arena. Thank you.”

Business Development Manager