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How to Use the Pre-Sell Template

How to Use the Pre-Sell Template

This template is designed to help you build a pre-sell course quickly. A pre-sell course is an unfinished course used to validate interest in a course topic and to start collecting revenue to fund the content creation or promotional efforts before launch day.

Note: All lessons and chapters in this template are set to draft. Remember to uncheck this option before publishing your course to make lessons visible to students. Learn more about drafting lessons here.

What is the best way to use this template?

Pre-selling is a technique used to achieve market validation for a course topic (so it’s not an actual course). Instead of actually creating lessons, you’ll develop audience interest in the form of enrollments and revenue.

You can save time and money by first finding proof that your online course has a group of people willing to enroll and pay for it. With this technique, you’re finding your market before making the course.

Other reasons why you might pre-sell a course:

  • Test an idea for an online course by gauging your audience’s interest
  • Sell your course before adding lessons in order to fund content creation
  • Allow pre-enrollments for your course before it’s ready
  • Build a waitlist of warm leads for your upcoming online course launch

 Learn more about pre-selling here »

What is included in this template?

This pre-launch template includes one chapter with three lessons, in addition to this instruction page. You can either leave this instruction page in draft mode (students can’t view drafted lessons) or delete it before you publish your course.

A description of the included chapter and lessons:

Thank you for pre-enrolling! – Chapter  – Chapters contain lessons and are sometimes called modules or sections. You can rename any chapter in this template if you wish.

A message from the instructor – Video Lesson – This lesson is a placeholder for a short video from you, the instructor. Typically, an instructor would add a short (< 2 min) message here thanking the student for pre-enrolling in the course and/or previewing upcoming content to build excitement.

Note: You can change this lesson type to suit your preferred teaching style.

Before you go… – Survey Lesson – This survey is designed to collect student feedback about what they want to learn. This feedback should be taken into account when determining the actual course curriculum.

Next steps – Text Lesson – When the student has completed this course, it’s always a good idea to provide them with next steps they can take. Typically, a course instructor will include directions to practice any learning, links to other useful resources or an upsell offer for another course or product of theirs.

Note: We’ve included example copy in the Next Steps lesson for you to edit and make your own.

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