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Up the Ladder

Dear <<Most Favored Employer Client>>:

300 people die every year from falls off ladders and 500,000 require medical treatment.

More than half of all ladder accidents happen because the ladder slips and another third because the person slips.

Other injuries occur as a result of improper use of the ladder, carrying objects on the ladder or defective ladders.

Follow these tips for ladder safety:

  • Make sure an extension ladder extends 3 feet beyond the surface for maximum stability
  • Tie off the ladder at the top
  • Maintain 3 point contact at all times – 2 hands and a foot or 2 feet and a hand
  • Don’t use a ladder with broken rungs
  • For every 4’ in height, put the base of the ladder 1’ back
  • Secure the ladder at the best to avoid slippage
  • Don’t carry tools up the ladder – keep hands on the ladder

Here’s a ladder safety app from NIOSH to help select and set up the proper ladder for the job.

Here are some other great resources from OSHA.

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PS – Enjoy this “workplace” song – “Up the Ladder to the Roof” – The Supremes

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Make sure your providers are conversant in treating worker’s comp injuries – see the Occmed for Providers course to get everyone up to speed

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