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Work is Good

Dear <<Most Favored Employer Client>>:
There is plenty of research that teaches us that after an injury returning to normal activities as quickly as possible, including work, is essential for recovery and well-being.
It’s so important in fact that some have called for “being at work” to be included as an injured worker’s vital signs!  Blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and “working” are equally crucial measurements for workers’ comp injuries.
Prolonged time loss not only costs money, but it is never truly recovered by most injured workers.  Longer-term unintended consequences like deconditioning and loss of career opportunities may result as well.
As medical providers, we partner with our employer clients to return injured workers to productive activity as soon as possible.  We do this by:
  • setting expectations from day one with the worker that returning to activities, including work, is vital to recovery
    communicating and coordinating all aspects of care with you, our client
  • clearly documenting the progression of the case
  • timely follow-ups to avoid unnecessarily modified or off duty
  • identifying and communicating specific physical abilities for transitional work/modified duty after each visit
  • assessing any impediments to return to work and aggressively evaluate as indicated with outside diagnostics or specialty consults
  • aggressive physical therapy for time-loss cases
As an employer, you can help us help you by:
  • providing a functional job description for all injured workers so we can determine if and when they are able to return to regular duty.
  • confirming the availability of modified or transitional work for those workers not able to return to regular duties – not taking them back until they are “100%” is a losing proposition in the long run
  • make sure the modified job duties are consistent with the restrictions prescribed
  • provide options for the gradual increase in physical tasks

We’re happy to discuss any of your workplace health needs, just give us a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email at workdocs@occmed.com

PS – enjoy this workplace safety song – Industrial Disease, Dire Straits


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