Include frequent testing in your company’s strategy for mitigating the spread of COVID-19

NAOHP - national association of occupational health professionals

The National Association of Occupational Health Professionals is a trade group and consultant for occupational medicine practices and vendors.

We are in the unique position of representing the top occupational health providers in the country while also having identified the best technology and testing methods to assist employers with mitigating the spread of Covid – 19.

We have the resources to help employers set up an on-site testing program safely, quickly, and without adding additional responsibilities to your overburdened staff.

Our program is completely customizable.

We can provide one or more of the following:

Medical providers for swabbing employees (or we’ll work with yours)

Test swabs (PCR)
Lab for processing tests
Software for tracking tests submitted, results, and parental consent

Portal for HR administrators to track results

Immediate implementation

For more information, contact:

Dave Saslavsky at 312-298-9742 or email Dave at