The Wanda Fletcher

Nursing Award


Criteria & Eligibility

The Wanda Fletcher Nursing Award was developed in honor of Wanda Fletcher, who worked with extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment in Occupational Health Programs to provide exceptional guidance and care to both employers and their employees in the workforce.

The purpose of the Wanda Fletcher Nursing Award is to recognize a registered nurse practicing in occupational nursing who exemplifies the practice of compassionate, quality nursing care, demonstrates a career commitment to the occupational health nursing profession, and possesses leadership skills that advances their occupational health program to a higher level and inspires their co-workers to grow and develop.

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Selection Criteria: Demonstrates excellence and enthusiasm in these FIVE areas:

  1. Delivery of patient care, and the initiation of systems that have a broad impact on the patient experience.
  2. Communicating with employers, patients, families, and healthcare colleagues, using examples of specific incidents or systems changes that improve communications.
  3. Commitment to occupational nursing as a career, using examples of participation/leadership in workplace committees, completion of certification programs, or educational advancement.
  4. Examples of inspiring other nurses and healthcare professionals as a role model. Inspire and organize the organization and individuals within it to give their time and talent to the surrounding community
  5. Demonstrates leadership skills and is adept in business development skills to grow their program.


  • Registered nurse who has practiced as an occupational health RN.
  • Practice may be full or part-time in an occupational health program or in onsite employer base clinics.

Submitting Nominations:

  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a nomination letter – signed by a direct supervisor, and OHP Medical Director who is involved in patient care with the nominee. Together, the nominations must address each of the five selection criteria.
  • Each nomination letter should not exceed one pages
  • A supervisor can only recommend one nominee from their clinical practice to ensure the best candidate is submitted.


Each year’s winner will be recognized at the annual NAOHP conference and will receive a $1000 cash prize

Selection Committee

The Wanda Fletcher Nursing Award Selection Committee, staffed volunteers from the NAOHP, consists of David Fletcher; Katie Kelsch RN (Wanda’s niece); Justine Zilliken,; and 2021 Award Recipient Chaley Shipley, RN

Final Selection: NAOHP Board