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Certifications are essential for career success and job security. Get recertified today to boost your self-efficacy, stay competitive in the job market, and network with other professionals – all while staying up-to-date with industry trends in occupational health!

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Don’t let your occupational health credentials become outdated – get them up to date with the National Association for Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP). Through our user-friendly curriculum, we provide you with all the resources needed to stay abreast of the ever-changing field of occupational health. Plus, not only will you be joining thousands of members who have chosen NAOHP for their recertification needs, but you’ll also receive special recognition on our buddyboss community pages!

Benefits of Recertification through NAOHP

Our recertification program will give you access to a multitude of benefits that will help you succeed in the field of Occupational Health. These advantages include:

Continued validation of your expertise and credentials

Access to a national network of certified professionals

An opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the field

Increased job prospects and marketability

By the end of this Core Certification course, you will be able to:

Analyze the benefits of providing occupational health services to employers

Evaluate the benefits employers see and the criteria they utilize to select external providers

Apply the product line and interrelationship of services available for employers

Assess the regulatory environment and issues facing employers

Demonstrate the service and communication requirements for work injury management

Demonstrate the service and communication requirements for physical exams and screening services

Demonstrate the service and communication requirements for substance abuse testing

Demonstrate the service and communication requirements for prevention services

Identify the most likely employer prospects for occupational health services

Create a plan to prioritize and target appropriate employer prospects.

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