Occmed Market Analyzer

Essential Market Insights For Occupational Medicine Practices

Take the guesswork out of occupational medicine practice growth. The Market Analyzer provides an accurate financial projection for potential annual revenues, allowing you to easily determine your sales and marketing budget and maximize your earning potential.

The Occ Med Market Analyzer is the best way to gain insights and overcome any potential roadblocks on your journey to growing your occupational medicine practice

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, the market analyzer can help you understand the market, maximize revenue potential and make informed decisions when it comes to budgeting for sales and marketing initiatives. With intuitive data visualizations and clear financial projections, the Occ Med Market Analyzer is a must-have for any occupational medicine practice. Try it out today and unlock the true potential of your business!

See The Occ Med Market Analyzer in Action!

Step 1

Get a clear idea of the employees in your market with a heatmap of workers in your area.

Step 2

Next, we’ll look at the types of industries present and break down employee counts by industry. We can then determine injury incident rates for each industry as well as calculate the number of new injuries expected by that same industry. Finally, we can establish how many follow-up visits, physicals, drug screens, or other services may be necessary based on the results.

Step 3

After we complete our competitive analysis, we’ll be able to determine your current market share and an estimated financial projection of potential annual revenues from occupational medicine services. Incident rates will be calculated based on the specific industry mix present in your area. We can then compare these potential revenues with your current earnings to identify any opportunities for increased earning potential.
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But That’s Not All! By Signing Up, You’ll also get:

An analysis of the provider and staff hours needed to accommodate the increased volume.
staff hours analysis

You’ll also get:

  • An 18 monthly ramp up the projection of adding those increased revenues to your practice
  • Profit & Loss analysis.
  • This makes it easy to determine the sales and marketing budget you should allocate to attain these increased revenues.
This makes it easy to determine the sales and marketing budget you should allocate to attain these increased revenues.

Don’t Settle For Guesswork When It Comes To Understanding The Occupational Medicine Market

Get the complete picture with the occ med market analyzer and quickly and easily identify those areas with the greatest potential for growth. Plus, get a comprehensive financial projection to determine if investing in sales and marketing efforts makes sense for your business.