What Is The Founders Award?

What Is The Founders Award?

The NAOHP Founders Award is designed to recognize an Occupational Health Professional’s contribution to the field of occupational health.
It was established when former owners took over as a sort of “Lifetime Achievement” award in the name of Frank Leone, the founder of NAOHP.
Named the Founders Award, it is awarded annually to a member employee for delivering high-level innovative solutions to the Occupational Health Profession.
If you have a staff member that fits this description and the criteria below, please nominate them for this award and the prize that comes with it!

Criteria & Eligibility

The NAOHP Founders Award criteria.

Nominees must be current members in good standing with NAOHP.

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the association (including oneself), an employer or colleague.

NAOHP members serving on the NAOHP Board of Directors are ineligible for an award during their current term of service.

All nominations will be reviewed by the NAOHP Board members. The award recipient will be recognized at the annual NAOHP National Conference.
Donna Lee Gardner
Donna Lee Gardner certificate

2021 Recipient

Donna Lee Gardner

This year’s recipient has more than 45 years of experience in model program development and has written standards, policies, procedures, and numerous manuals and certification for individuals and programs in occupational health.
This individual has focused on infrastructure processes through operational, financial, customer service, and quality assurance standards, and orientation for all staffing roles in blended occupational health program models.
Knowledge sharing is one of this person’s commitments to the profession, having participated in and developed hundreds of educational programs.
This individual has a B.S. in nursing from Salve Regina University, R.N. from Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing, and M.S from Lesley University.

Some of the contributions from this year’s recipient are:

The Complete Resource Guide to Occupational Health Program Management

Quality Assurance Manual for Occupational Health

Hospital Occupational Health Employee Manual

Staffing Configurations, Relationships & Responsibilities

Loss Management Manual

Occupational Health Job Descriptions

Clinic Operations & Care Mapping Manual

Standards of Care Manual for Occupational Health

And has authored several chapters of: Occupational Health Services – A Practical Approach

In his first issue of Visions as President, Dr. Earl said:

“She’s not only the walking encyclopedia of Occupational Medicine program management, the Maven of Employee Health operations, and the iconic voice of Town Hall, but she’s also a pistol packin’ (to ward off the bears), dog lovin’, herder of cattle in the pourin’ rain tough mountain woman, and my friend, Donna Lee Gardner. Thanks from me and I know from the entire NAOHP community for everything you’ve contributed to the field and this organization.”
asain doctor

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