Customer Service March 27, 2017

by: Dr. David Tanner

  • Provider training starts with the onboarding processes for customer service, defining what the program is providing to customers and the shareholder’s expectations for service.
  • Sales staff customer service monitoring is an ongoing process requiring evaluation of the sales interactions with clients, education of techniques for sales, and evaluation of outcomes for sales visits.
  • Internal customer service is important. The emergency department and the lab play an important role in many programs’ after-hours care. Monitoring the service provided and discussing ways to facilitate the processes to improve customer service.
  • The main drivers of customer service delivery, are timeliness, access, and quality of customer service.
  • To prevent survey fatigue, patients are provided with a survey on a tablet to complete in real-time. This provides an easy process for patient satisfaction. Clients are evaluated periodically through meetings on-site, telephonically, after patient visits, and through annual surveys.

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