How to Beat the Acuity Degradation Trend in Work Comp!

Dr. Koehler will share what he believes to be the greatest current threat to long-term viability for your clinic and actions you can take now to mitigate this trend.


  1.  Explain the concept of Acuity Degradation and how it is a threat to your practice.
  2.  Explain the ways it negatively impacts patient care and financial performance.
  3.  Describe the collateral damage from Ortho UC’s and the rad tech shortage.
  4.  Present how to  standardize injury management.
  5.  Present how to enhance provider performance in injury management

John Koehler MD, ABPM(OM) founded Physicians Immediate Care, an Occ Med/Urgent Care hybrid clinic model in 1987 now with over 50 clinics in IL, IN, and WI.   He is board certified in Occupational Medicine, is a consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies and a founding board member of the Urgent Care Association.

He is the editor-in-chief of OccDocOne, a web based injury management platform with over 300 diagnosis specific, visit by visit, best practices guidelines designed to improve and standardize injury management performance.


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