by: Lawrence Earl, MD
March 17, 2022
Dr. Koehler outlines the tectonic provider related shifts in Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care provision of injury care and what you should be doing to take advantage of this opportunity.
   – Advanced Practice Providers 
   – Medical Leadership
   – Training / Onboarding 
   – Injury Management, do it or lose it
   – Margin Compression
   – Carriers / Contracting 
   – OccDocOne 
1.  To understand the impact of these changes on your practice and future viability
2.  To implement pro-active changes for success
3.  To Improve on-boarding, training and injury management at your center(s)


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John Koehler MD, ABPM(OM) founded Physicians Immediate Care, an OccMed/Urgent Care hybrid clinic model in 1987 now with over 50 clinics in IL, IN and WI.

He is board certified in Occupational Medicine, is a consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies and a founding board member of the Urgent Care Association.

He is the editor-in-chief of OccDocOne, a web based injury management platform with over 300 diagnosis specific, visit by visit, best practices guidelines designed to improve and standardize injury management performance.


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