Tracking Our Progress 2016 National NAOHP Benchmarking Survey Results Are In

By Nick Dmitrovich

Results from the 2016 NAOHP National Benchmarking Survey have been quantified and reflect a diverse nationwide spectrum of programming across the occupational health industry. NAOHP received an overwhelming number of survey participants this year, with a response growth of 43 percent over the last survey. From the responses, it is plain to see there is a wide assortment of commonalities and differences among the variety of unique medical groups that are currently part of NAOHP. “The annual benchmarking survey is a benefit to all NAOHP members because of the valuable insight it provides,” said Cindy. Ross, President of NAOHP. “The results enable programs to see how they compare with others in their same or related field, and it helps them identify areas of focus where improvement might be able to take place. “Also, trends across the country are always changing, and being able to see what our industry peers are practicing helps companies hone in on best practices,” she added.

The goal in examining such an array of programs hails back to the old adage about improving upon a given organization’s weakest link. Or in this case, identifying areas where improvement could be encouraged in an industry that is ever-changing and heterogeneous.

By comparing so many different kinds of operations within NAOHP’s membership, the findings of the 2016 survey can help members identify how their programming compares to other occupational health entities across the country and evaluate their own performance along similar metrics.

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