By Alie Green, Account Executive, Bellin Health – Business and Community Health Team

Alie Green

Etiquette through the web; oh, how far we have come. Do you remember that first virtual meeting you had after you packed your desk up and headed home to work in your basement or from your kitchen table for the foreseeable future? From the intimidating mute button, spotty internet, making sure your kids were clothed in the background, and hoping the Amazon deliveryman did not ring your doorbell that would send your dog into a panic – we have gained experience through interacting on the web in a way we never imagined… all due to the extreme the situation of a global pandemic.

After a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, most professionals are now veterans when it comes to different ways of connecting through different virtual platforms. However, before we sat in front of a screen for every social interaction, it was clear that virtual etiquette came naturally to some folks, but for others, it was definitely a learning experience. As our Bellin Business and Community Health Team pivoted all internal and external interactions in a virtual setting, we observed verbal and non-verbal communication through a different lens.

For those who were naturals on the web, meetings, presentations, and town halls moved flawlessly making you forget you were in your pajama pants while watching the host through your blue light glasses. Those who struggled to navigate the technology and new landscape stood out in an uncomfortable way (and reminded you of being in your pajama pants). As our team observed these different virtual behaviors, it dawned on us how important etiquette is through the web. Our team began discussing the different manners we were noticing, which grew and blossomed into the concept of web – etiquette through the web.

To the right is the list of do’s and don’ts our team put together, a fun video link below of Randy Van Straten, the VP of our department, representing our list with his own personal experiences.

Although our team had a lot of fun putting this project together, we still take our online meeting time very seriously, as we want to put our best foot forward for our clients and community.

Whether webiquette came naturally to you, or it was a new norm you had to adjust to, our team can relate on all levels. With all of our interpretations around webiquette, we wanted to provide a resource to share with the world so those who still need some assistance can join us in looking back at how far we have come.

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