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Your key to success – Customer service – Via Google Drive

Your key to success – Customer service – Via Dropbox


Good afternoon everyone, Dr. Larry Earl here and I’m incredibly excited to welcome you all to a brand-new instalment in our webinar series. Today, we’re joined by the exceptional Barbara Kazam, an internationally acclaimed speaker and expert in customer service.

Barbara, named the top customer service consultant of the year by the International Association of Top Professionals, has a profound message to share about the impact of great customer service on both our professional and personal lives.

In our today’s discussion, we cover five prime characteristics for success in customer service. We delve into effective techniques to improve upon these traits and how these principles can be applied both in and out of your workspace.

Here are the five qualities that Barbara outlined:

  1. Creating a Great First Impression
    Creating a positive first impression on your clients is critical. As customers, our interaction with an organization starts even before we walk through the door—when we make an appointment or go through their website. If your customer’s first engagement with your organization is pleasant, it sets the stage for all succeeding interactions. Barbara emphasized the need to actively work on each touch point to ensure a positive experience. From phone etiquette to presenting crucial information clearly on the company’s website, every interaction matters in shaping the first impression of your services.
  2. Being Present
    Staying in the moment during your interactions with clients is as important as making an excellent initial impression. This involves active listening, empathy, and acknowledgement. Remember to throw out any distractions and put all your attention on the client’s concerns and needs.
  3. Using Preferred Names
    Using the correct preferred name helps to build a deeper connection with customers. This simple action shows respect for their individual identity and also makes them feel seen and important. It’s a reinforcement of the fact that each customer is not just another transaction, but a unique individual who deserves personalized attention.
  4. Clear Communication
    Barbara’s fourth point hammers home the importance of establishing clear expectations through communication. The number one cause of complaints in service sectors is unmet expectations. If an organization can communicate clearly about what to expect, when, and why, a significant percentage of customer complaints can be eliminated.
  5. Having Fun
    The final trait Barbara discusses might surprise you—having fun! She encourages employees to enjoy their work and maintain a positive environment. She notes that a cheerful staff is among the top things that patients look for in health care providers. This positive vibe naturally translates into better customer service and a great overall experience for clients.

By paying close attention to these five traits and continuously working to improve them, businesses can leap forward in their customer service game. These traits not only create more satisfied customers but also contribute to building a more harmonious and positive work environment for the employees.

Remember, as Barbara said, “People remember moments, not days. Subject them to a good impression, be attentive and communicative, and they’ll remember the good feeling they experience which is far more impactful than any product or service you may offer.”

Emphasize on this and see the difference it makes in your professional life and beyond!

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