Beyond EAP: Address Mental Health for Less Money and Higher Productivity

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Meet with Larry Earl, MD

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Addressing Workplace Mental Health Crisis for Productivity and Savings

This webinar hosted by NAOHP features experts Dr. Larry Earl, Matt Manarik, and Shanna Dunbar on addressing mental health in the workplace beyond traditional EAP (Employee Assistance Programs).

Manarik introduces RX for Mental Health, a subsidiary of Restora Health, offering comprehensive telehealth mental health services aimed at reducing costs and improving productivity.

Dunbar, with over 30 years in occupational health, emphasizes the importance of total worker health strategies for enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

The discussion highlights the critical issue of workplace mental health, identifying stigma, cost, and accessibility as major barriers to mental health services.

Through interactive polls, it is revealed that mental health is considered a critical issue by the audience, with stigma being a significant deterrent. The costs associated with not having a mental health program are explored, showing a significant impact on productivity and healthcare expenses.

RX for Mental Health’s telehealth solution is presented as an affordable, accessible, and stigma-free option that includes counseling, coaching, and support for the entire household. The platform aims to catch ‘silent sufferers’ and prevent employees from slipping through cracks by ensuring anonymity and offering comprehensive care.

The webinar concludes with a discussion on the ROI of implementing mental health programs and the broader implications for workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.

00:00 Opening and Guest Introductions
01:15 Exploring Mental Health in the Workplace
02:15 Interactive Polls and Audience Engagement
04:16 Addressing the Mental Health Crisis: Insights and Statistics
12:29 The Role of EAPs and the Need for More Comprehensive Solutions
15:57 Youth Mental Health and Workplace Challenges
18:27 Understanding the Costs of Ignoring Mental Health
22:17 Introducing an Innovative Mental Health Program
22:58 Exploring Comprehensive Mental Health Solutions
23:25 24/7 Counseling and Telemedicine: A Closer Look
24:11 Introducing Healthy Life Thrive: A Self-Paced Course
24:34 Affordable Mental Health Care for Employees and Families
24:44 Maximizing Utilization and Engagement
25:27 The Importance of Anonymity in Mental Health Care
25:51 Breaking Down Stigmas and Expanding Access
28:30 Cost-Saving Benefits and Employee Wellness
31:48 Leveraging Technology for Mental Health Support
36:21 Addressing Mental Health Proactively in the Workplace
44:18 Concluding Remarks and Next Steps

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