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Occupational Medicine Onsite Assesment

Dealing with Form Confusion: How to Guide Drivers in Training Through FMCSA Paperwork

Navigating MCSA paperwork for commercial driving can be complex, particularly when answering the “CLP/CDL applicant/holder – Yes or No?” question. If your drivers are preparing for their Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) and hold a DOT/FMCSA medical card, it’s crucial to know when to indicate “yes.” Our guide clarifies that employees who have applied for a CLP or scheduled their tests should answer “yes,” showing they are actively pursuing commercial driving certification. This ensures compliance with federal regulations and aligns medical examination requirements with their status. By offering expert guidance on these forms, we help your drivers meet all necessary criteria, enhancing safety and streamlining operations.

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Phone Consultation

Billing for Short Phone Consultations with Attorneys in Work Comp Cases

Dr. Lee’s pen hovered mid-note as her phone buzzed, shattering the focus of her patient consultation. It wasn’t the first time an unexpected call from a workers’ compensation attorney had disrupted her schedule, stealing precious minutes and leaving a trail of frustration. These interruptions weren’t just inconvenient; they ate away at her ability to deliver the best care to her patients.

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woman back exam on table

Disrobing for Pre-Employment Physicals: When is it Necessary?

Occupational health professionals often navigate the balance between thorough examinations and patient privacy. A common question arises: when is disrobing necessary during pre-employment physicals? While some federally mandated exams have strict requirements, the approach for general pre-placement exams differs.

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The couple is holding the pregnant partner's stomach

Informed Consent for Chest X-ray during Pregnancy

Want to write an informed consent statement for pregnant employees undergoing chest X-rays. Here is a template that you can adapt and modify it to fit your organization and legal requirements.

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