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Telehealth in Occupational Medicine: Understanding Phone Consultations and Prolonged Services

Telehealth, through phone consultations and prolonged services, offers occupational health practitioners valuable tools for delivering timely, accessible, and comprehensive care to injured workers. By understanding billing guidelines, implementing efficient workflows, and adhering to best practices, practitioners can optimize the use of telehealth while maintaining high standards of patient care.

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The couple is holding the pregnant partner's stomach

Informed Consent for Chest X-ray during Pregnancy

Want to write an informed consent statement for pregnant employees undergoing chest X-rays. Here is a template that you can adapt and modify it to fit your organization and legal requirements.

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CDC/TB Testing

CDC’s Division of TB Elimination is proud to share the new Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test Training Video, which is now available online. This video is part of a set of resources, including a wall chart and a ruler, that can help health care professionals administer and read the Mantoux tuberculin skin test.

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Membership Benefits

NAOHP Membership Benefits

Welcome to NAOHP’s Town Hall meeting for October 18th! In today’s session, we have the privilege of discussing the exciting new website member benefits that NAOHP has to offer.

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Unlock the secrets to optimizing your occupational health program.

The NAOHP 2023 Occupational Health Benchmark Study delves into vital factors affecting service delivery. Covering compensation, quality, sales, marketing, and technology, it offers insights to enhance programs.