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How an Occupational Medicine Program Can Lead to Healthier Employees

When it comes to achieving a healthier workforce, small urgent care and occupational medicine (OccMed) providers can make a big difference. By offering specialized OccMed programs, businesses can provide their employees with access to important health services like fitness and nutrition guidance. These resources not only improve overall well-being but also have lasting effects outside of the workplace.

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Recruitment and Retention in the Post Pandemic World

Yes, if you are reading this article then you, along with many others survived the COVID-19 pandemic. What a journey we have been on. In the past two years, the complexity of recruitment and retention has affected every business and industry. The concepts of working from home, hybrid models, freelancing, and part-time opportunities have created staffing challenges for us all.

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Thoughts on “Low-Quality Health Care is Costing Employers Big

When it comes to healthcare, the focus is often on patients – how they can access quality care and manage their health. However, there is another crucial player in the healthcare landscape that often goes overlooked: employers. Employers hold a significant stake in the health of their workforce. Not only do they provide health insurance benefits, but they also have a vested interest in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. Yet, many employers are facing challenges caused by low-quality healthcare that is costing them big – both financially and in terms of employee well-being.

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A Letter From Dr Paula Muto CEO Founder of UBERDOC

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as the founder and CEO of UBERDOC, a platform dedicated to improving access to specialty care services through a direct pay model. I would like to share with you the exciting developments we have made in streamlining the appointment and payment processing for patients and providers within the field of occupational health, and how your involvement can contribute to enhancing these services.

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Do Dollar Figures Trump Patient Care and Customer Service in Healthcare?

The healthcare industry is in peril when its medical organizations begin to believe that customer service is a business aspect that requires no investment of time or money; exceptional customer service is believed to be only a state of mind of the professionals delivering service. But suppose an organization needs a framework or infrastructure on which to build a robust customer service delivery system.

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What NAOHP Program Certification Means to Your Occupational Medicine Program

Occupational health programs play a crucial role in ensuring employees’ well-being and organizations’ success. These programs focus on preventing work-related injuries and illnesses, promoting overall well-being, and reducing costs. To ensure the delivery of high-quality services, many occupational medicine programs seek certification from reputable organizations such as the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP). In this article, we will explore what NAOHP program certification means to your occupational medicine program and the benefits it brings.

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Unlock the secrets to optimizing your occupational health program.

The NAOHP 2023 Occupational Health Benchmark Study delves into vital factors affecting service delivery. Covering compensation, quality, sales, marketing, and technology, it offers insights to enhance programs.