Occupational Health Metrics

Patient turnaround time is important to clients. Forty-five minutes in and out is the standard. The following metrics are used by occupational health programs across the country for providers and staff.

Quality Metrics:

  • Identify your standards and what your compliance with standards should be.
    • The patient’s length of stay in the clinic for occupational health is 45 minutes.
    • Patient wait times are not to exceed 10 minutes before processing.
    • Phone calls are responded to within three rings.
    • Answer calls at 95% of received.
    • Respond to complaints the same day with a written letter in two days to address enhancements.
    • Performance expectations include a high level of competency and customer service.
  • Quarterly staff performance reviews
  • Ongoing competency review
  • Monitor customer service via patient satisfaction surveys and peer review

Finance Standards:

  • Accounts receivables of 45 days
  • WC bills out within three days
  • Employer billing out in end-of-month format
  • Identify whether your market share complies with projections.
  • Maintain a minimal profit margin of 15% across all aggregated product lines.
  • Annual cost analysis to reflect appropriate charges are above cost by 15%.
  • Sales growth is 3% or better per year.

Treatment Standards:

  • Identify your top five diagnoses and have standards of care with metrics to address
    • Number of provider visits
    • Number of lost workdays
    • Number of temporary alternate days
    • Functional ability outcomes
    • Same job, same shift, same employer

Customer Service:

  • Patient satisfaction survey response at 85%
  • On a scale of one being poor and five being outstanding, you maintain a 4.5 or better
  • Client company satisfaction survey responses at 85%
  • On a scale of one being poor and five being outstanding, you maintain a 4.5 or better
  • Client retention is set at 95%
  • Client testimonies are the foundation of marketing, so they are utilized for each of your product lines annually in your marketing campaign

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