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Occupational Health Metrics

Patient turnaround time is important to clients. Forty-five minutes in and out is the standard. The following metrics are used by occupational health programs across the country for providers and staff.

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Athletic Trainers in Occupational Work Settings

In the occupational health setting, athletic trainers develop and manage programs designed to keep employees working at full capacity, improving company productivity, and even helping reduce healthcare and insurance costs. The occupational athletic trainer is knowledgeable in the design, implementation, and measurement of injury prevention, injury reduction, and return to work programs.

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Ways to Find New Leads and Being Your Own Client

Here are three easy ways to find prospective customers for your occupational health program. First, if your organization offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to local employers, cross-reference the EAP’s client list with your occupational health clients to identify leads.

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Client Satisfaction More Than a Measure of Success

Progressive occupational health programs have a method to assess its success as seen by clients. By moving beyond satisfaction scores, client assessments will provide clear direction on operational improvement and growth opportunities for strategic planning. 

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Are You a Fit for an Onsite Clinic?

Early worksite health programs were developed to provide first aid and emergency care to employees working in remote or dangerous locations. Over time, many employers, particularly manufacturers, offered a company nurse or doctor to provide occupational health services to comply with federal and state workplace requirements, manage absences and disability, prepare employees for foreign travel, physical therapy, and acute (non-emergent) medical triage. 

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What is the Weight Cutoff?

Obesity is an epidemic in commercial drivers. As a group, they are also getting older, are sedentary, smoke, have poor eating habits, have multiple medical problems including cardiovascular disease and obstructive sleep apnea, and are unhealthier than the general population. 

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Considering Telemedicine/Virtual Healthcare?

We are at a tipping point where our healthcare system is demanding improved efficiency in care delivery including improved access and less cost. Technology is clearly ahead of adoption. A recent Deloitte survey in 2018 found 57% of consumers would be willing to try a virtual visit and 18% of physicians are planning on implementing telemedicine in the next two years.

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OSHA in 2019

Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Records (How the New Rules Benefit Employees and Employers) The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) decision to modify its recordkeeping rules has three tangible benefits for you and your employees.

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