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Helping Employers in the Fight Against COVID

As March 2020 began, so did the changes and challenges that we all have endured since then. As a hospital-based occupational health program, it was our responsibility to figure out how to assist our employers in keeping their employees safe and on the job.

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Omminous Trends

This article is written with the goal of alerting other Urgent Care industry experts to an ominous trend in our industry that we must collectively address or we will face marginalization, maybe even extinction, in the years ahead. This may sound alarmist, but please hear me out.

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Covid 19

In It for the Long Haul

Prior to January 2020, COVID-19 was quickly taking over everywhere except in the United States. However, we were swiftly initiated into the pandemic club. It has now been just over a year since the first case was confirmed. Because the pieces fell rapidly, picking them up has been a balancing act.

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