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There are many situations where a commercial driver has a medical condition that does not fall neatly into the “rules” regulating the medical certification of a driver pursuant to 49CFR391.41. Kidney disease is one of those conditions. Of the 13 medical standards, none address kidney disease, per se.

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Staffing for Maximum Productivity

We are told to use RVUs. They don’t work. What can we use?

The challenge is the RVUs are not pertinent to OHS, being able to tag the appropriate procedures and the visits. They don’t provide the best approach to productivity. RVUs are predicated on the Medicare model for productivity. We strongly recommend the NAOHP productivity model that covers the insurance model as well as the retail model. Many programs use a straight compensation model with a base salary and incentive package for specific tasks.

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Medical Record Storage

Currently, all of our records are stored electronically and have been for the past few years. Prior to that we acquired a hospital’s Occ Health program and there are paper records that we have been paying a medical record storage facility to store for us.

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Utilizing a Medical Director’s Talents and Skills

As technology advances, services have become contactless, faceless, and automated. Telephone systems answer calls. Emails and video conferences have replaced verbal and face-to-face communications. As the amount of human interaction decreases, the value of each interaction increases. This holds true both for external clients and internal employees. A medical director utilizes their skills to bridge communication gaps and facilitate workplace efficiency.

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The Power of a Productive Morning

Mornings can either make you or break you depending on what type of person you are. According to recent studies, 57% of Americans hit the snooze button when their alarms go off. That means more than half of the U.S. population has trouble getting up in the morning. The truth of the matter is that how you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, everyone benefits from having a productive morning. Here are some helpful tips to help make your mornings more productive.’

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Identifying Your Stress Signals

During the last couple of months, many people are viewing a constant barrage of disturbing news and experiencing emotional, physical and mental fatigue while sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. While this is hopefully getting better in different areas of the country, many of us are still facing demanding and exhausting work schedules.

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Medical Records – Who Gets What?

The rules regarding ownership and sharing of medical records for situations such as pre-employment screenings, fitness assessments, and others are often among the most complex scenarios occupational health providers face. During times like these, it can be difficult to maintain a balance between all of the different entities that an occupational health provider serves.

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Heat Illness

Heatstroke, the most serious form of heat-related illness, happens when the body becomes unable to regulate its core temperature. Sweating stops and the body can no longer rid itself of excess heat. Signs include confusion, loss of consciousness, and seizures. Heat stroke is a medical emergency that may result in death! Call 911 immediately.

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